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Udey Wires & Cables are manufacturers and suppliers of ‘UDEY wires & cables’ brand of specialized wires and cables, situated at Mumbai India, ‘UDEY wires & cables’ has helped define a unique market for quality. Leading companies like the power utility, chemical, petroleum, telecommunication, electrical, electronics, instrumentation and manufacturing sectors as well as educational institutions use ‘UDEY wires & cables’ products to their full satisfaction. ‘UDEY wires & cables’ products are exported to more then 30 countries across the globe.
ôSpecialized wire & cable solutions to suit every customer's demand be it small or big?.

PTFE Cables
High Temp Cables
Insulation Products
Instrument Tubing
Silicone Cables
High Volt Leads / Cables
Fiber Gl. / Asbestos Cables
Design your Cables


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